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Our resources are based on input from young people and real life stories and experiences. Relevant activities and questions can be done at your own pace, guided by the information in the resource packs. Our resources can also be used as a training tool for professionals.

Sick Party  – over 800 copies sold nationally

The film is a frank and hard-hitting drama depicting the current picture of child sexual exploitation across the UK. Based on a real-life story, it explores the experiences of child sexual exploitation (CSE) including  peer on peer grooming, party lifestyle grooming, drinks and drugs, consent, coercion, gifts, self-esteem and child sexual exploitation.

Alright Charlie – CSE Primary School Resource

Basis Training has also supported The Blast Project to develop a gender neutral, age appropriate resource Alright Charlie for raising awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in primary schools which can be downloaded free of charge.

 Quotes from teenagers about Sick Party:

“I thought it was really good, it tells the story better than other DVDs.”

AB, 7/3/13

“I really enjoyed the film, a lot of young people could relate. This has made me more aware of grooming stages, how to look out for someone if they are in the situation and overall how to prevent myself and friends getting groomed.”

NP, 7/3/13

“The film relates to a lot of young teenagers all around and it helps you to realise how people can be groomed in many ways and what to look out for if it does happen.”

CP, 7/3/13

“It was good that DVD, it shows you what happens – don’t always listen to your friends, you should do what you think is right.”

KC, 27/6/13

“It shows you what people do out there, it shows a lot.”

BW, 17/7/13

“It’s good because it shows people the warning signs and what to recognise.”

KN, 29/7/13


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At a recent conference I attended they showed us the ‘Sick Party’ DVD. At the start of it we were given the option to leave the room if we became uncomfortable with what we were watching, I thought ‘Oh it cant be that bad’, but as I watched the storyline unfold, I became increasingly uncomfortable with what I was seeing. There were a couple of young people that we are currently working with going through my head…I was thinking ‘this is most likely what is happening to them’!. I felt like leaving the room before the end of the DVD, so that I could go to try and help them. This is a ‘MUST HAVE’ DVD for any young people you work with that may be at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation. I believe that by showing the young people and if appropriate their parents this DVD, a huge difference could be made to their lives. Kerry Jones, Wrexham County Borough Council

”Just to let you know our CSE team think this is a wonderful resource!!” Jacqui Montgomery-Devlin, Children’s Services Manager, Barnardo’s Safe Choices Northern Ireland

”Excellent scenario and well received by our students. Many thanks for producing such a great resource! ” Julia Goodes, Safeguarding Officer, Aylesbury College


How much does the DVD and Resource Booklet cost?

£60, including postage & packaging. All money raised is reinvested into our intensive service delivery, supporting victims of CSE.

What age group should the DVD be used with?

All professionals and young people aged 11+.

Can the DVD be used with parents/other members of the community?

This is at the professional’s discretion. We recommend warning people that they may find the DVD upsetting.

How quickly will it arrive?

Usually within 10 working days. If you need it sooner, please get in contact.

Can I copy the DVD?

No. This is against the law.