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Our resources are based on input from young people and real life stories and experiences. Relevant activities and questions can be done at your own pace, guided by the information in the resource packs. Our resources can also be used as a training tool for professionals.

Are you worried about the sexualised images young people are watching online and the impact of this may be having on them ? Are you talking to young people about pornography, sex and relationships?

Young people are more exposed to pornography than ever before. While the impact of porn on young people remains unclear from a research perspective, it has the potential to cause harm in young people, for instance when its used as part of the grooming process to desensitize young people to violent sexual behaviour. It is also clear that porn, sex and relationships is something young people have questions about (“is it normal…”) but schools and other youth settings lack the resources to engage young people in these discussions. This resource is a unique and exciting tool to be used by professionals and carers that work with young people to engage in new conversations around this important, sometimes embarrassing subject matter.

Researched, written and filmed with a young amateur acting group based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the film is made up of verbatim conversations, meaning most of the words spoken in the film were actually said during focus groups and interviews held with about 40 young people.

Aims of the DVD and Resource Pack:

  • To engage young people in appropriate but relevant discussions about pornography, sex and relationships
  • To answer the questions young people might have about the topic

The aim is not to make a judgement on pornography, sex or relationships or those watching or participating. We need to be mindful of those that have had positive, negative and indeed no experiences of this subject matter. We recommend doing a ‘health check’ in advance of this session to ensure everyone participating is comfortable.

Using the DVD and Resource pack:

The film lasts approx. 20 minutes and is broken down into 6 separate sections. The Resource Pack and Film should be used together; the Resource Pack guides you through the activities and has additional exercises/activities to add into your sessions.

Although it can be used as a stand-alone resource, you may also want to consider using this film in combination with other resources and exercises for instance specific Sexual and Relationship Education and/or sessions on body image and self-esteem or consent. (see other resources and websites below).

We recommend using this Resource Pack with age groups from Year 7 onwards although some of the activities may be more advanced and therefore more appropriate for Year Groups 9 and over. We believe that this pack is best used in mixed gender settings although it can also be used with specific gender groups separately.

Other relevant websites for further info and resources:

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What have others said? 

“It is a great resource for professionals as it uses the real words of young people to explore the issues around pornography and its impact. We can use this as a starting point to discuss other young people’s views and engage them in the activities in the resource pack. I also like the use of the word ‘normal’ to explore these issues as there is so much confusion for young people about what ‘normal’ is.” Julie Personal Safety Freedom


How much does the DVD and Resource Booklet cost?

£30, including postage & packaging. All money raised is reinvested into our intensive service delivery, supporting victims of CSE.

What age group should the DVD be used with?

All professionals and young people aged 11+.

Can the DVD be used with parents/other members of the community?

This is at the professional’s discretion. We recommend warning people that they may find the DVD upsetting.

How quickly will it arrive?

Usually within 10 working days. If you need it sooner, please get in contact.

Can I copy the DVD?

No. This is against the law.